Extended Family

Minni is the first Justeal puppy.  She is from Windy and Captain and was bred by Holly Hatfield.  She is a happy, personable little dog.  We were blessed to spend a few short days with Minni and I can see some very good traits Captain has shared with this snappy little girl!  Photos by Holly Hatfield.

Mini and Captain Mini on Point .Mini

Gretzky is a full littermate to our girl Cleo.  He is out of the Captain x Luci breeding and is pretty much Captain Jr.  He has a wonderful home and some times comes back to the farm to stay with us and get some bird dog training.  As you can see, the Captain point has once again been a prominent trait that was passed to this litter.  He has also received several field trial placements in limited experience.  We are very proud of this boy!

IMG_0701                                                                    Gretzky