Our Horses

Bird dog field trialing is something our whole family enjoys.  When I learned that horses were used at the field trials I immediately knew this was where I belonged.  We started with one horse and then added another.  After a few years and settling into our own farm the herd grew to three and we are expecting a fourth by Cheyenne in the fall of 2015.  Horse have always been a dream of mine from when I was a kid and now I am living my dream.  I get to work with talented bird dogs, ride some awesome horses and do it all in my backyard.  I hope you enjoy the pictures of Cheyenne (the black horse), Casper (the palomino) and Leeroy (the big brown).  We now have a colt out of Cheyenne.  He is a blue roan and we have not yet named him.  We plan to keep him to become part of our string.  Stand by for photo and name updates!

The Allen Family Field Trialing